Rampa – So Many

2 Sep

The bass in this track is the bomb. Need I say more?

Kelis – Rumble (Breach Remix)

1 Sep

Apparently, Kelis’ tracks are good remix material. I just posted about Jerk Ribs in the Beatnix remix and here is a remix by Breach. Listen and enjoy!

Kelis – Jerk Ribs (Beatnik Remix)

1 Sep

I heard this one on the radio and I thought it would be a great track to share.

Tosca – Stuttgart (John Digweed and Nick Muir Remix)

28 Aug

This track has been one of my favourites for the past few weeks. John Digweed and Nick Muir have made this fantastic remix  because Fatboy Slim asked them to make a Brazil inspired track for him. The vocals in Portuguese definitely add up to the awesomeness of this remix.

Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum (Arjuna Schiks Remix)

18 Aug

Check out this fun remix by Amsterdam’s Arjuna Schiks that I stumbled upon. Not really in the same style as his other tracks such as Afterbelle, Waterkristallen, Einsight or Mahesvari, but definitely equally enjoyable.

Gui Boratto – Joker (Original Mix)

17 Aug

The news has been out for some time now, but I only just found out that Gui Boratto is going to release his new album Abaporu in September. Of course, this news made me very happy but what made me even happier is that Gui Boratto already has released the first single of his album: Joker. Just click and enjoy.

Niconé & Sascha Braemer Ft. Limon – Stay

17 Aug

Niconé and Sascha Braemer have had an earlier successful collaboration which ended up in the release of Caje and now they have teamed up again. This time, Limon joins the team and Stay is the result. Check it out!

Oliver Koletzki Ft. Meggy – Parachute

17 Aug

Check out this track that is on Oliver Koletzki’s latest album I am OK. For me, the track proves that both Koletzki and his label Stil vor Talent keep releasing fantastic tracks.

Guy Gerber & Dixon – No Distance

16 Aug

Lovely, dreamy, deep and hypnotic. That’s what this is.

Lilly Wood & The Prick & and Robin Schulz – Prayer in C (Robin Schulz Remix)

16 Aug

Lately I have been listening more to the radio and this track is getting some serious airtime. When it is played it is one of the highlights between the mostly rubbish tracks that are being played. Robin Schulz once again displays his ability to produce catchy, summery tunes filled with vocals.

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