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Paul Weller – Wild Wood (The Sheared Wood Remix by Portishead)

22 Mar

Here’s a great song by Paul Weller, remixed by Portishead. The added drums to the already great track makes this remix, for me that is, even better than the original. A somewhat sultry voice, drums and a bass to love are the ingredients for this fine fine relaxing recipe.

Alif Tree – Never Be The Same

28 Sep


Altain Aldea Alexandre, better known as Alif Tree released an album in 2009 titled Clockwork. For me, the track Never Be The Same is the best track on that album. It is so easy to listen to. Check it out for yourselves.

Bonobo Ft. Andreya Triana – Stay The Same

4 Jun

Bonobo is an artist that deserves a top place on this blog. His music is exceptionally awesome and personally I think this track is one of the best. Absolutely beautiful vocals combined with amazing melodies: it just can’t get better than this. I can remember how I listened to this track, booming out of my speakers, with S. whilst drinking some wine in the park. Chilling at its best.

Supreme Beings of Leisure – Under The Gun

19 Mar

A supreme being of leisure. That would be an interesting being I guess. Sometimes I do think I am a supreme being of leisure since the craft of making the most of my leisure is one I possess very well.This track is from the soundtrack of the film The Animatrix which is an interesting film by itself and a must see if you are a The Matrix fan. It is a film composed out of different short animated movies that tell you a bit more of the world of The Matrix. For me it sounded good by that alone, but the soundtrack is very nice too so I checked it out. This chill out song was one that stood out.


Emancipator – First Snow

18 Dec

Although we still have to wait for the first snow to fall, this track already can get you in the wintry mood. It composes a dark, but still warm and snowy landscape. The whole album is build on this premise and the album is aptly named Soon It Will Be Could Enough. First Snow is on this album and it is a great and melodious track. Someone advised me to listen to Emancipator since I said I didn’t knew him. And how glad was I when I listened to some of his tracks on Youtube. A lot of tracks from Emancipator are great and all will eventually be posted, but I decided to post this track as the very first one. Great beat, great instruments, nice subtle vocals. Enjoy, especially around 03:30.

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