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Gui Boratto – Joker (Original Mix)

17 Aug

The news has been out for some time now, but I only just found out that Gui Boratto is going to release his new album Abaporu in September. Of course, this news made me very happy but what made me even happier is that Gui Boratto already has released the first single of his album: Joker. Just click and enjoy.

Octave One Ft. Ann Saunderson – Black Water (String Vocal)

14 Aug

I guess this one can be regarded as a classic: groovy, deep and full of vocals!

Maceo Plex – Conjure Balearia (Original Mix)

31 Jul

Oh man, this track is just SICK! Maceo Plex definitely delivers with this one. Imagine it being dropped at a party…

Miss Melera – Stunning

31 Jul

Miss Melera is a DJ who makes fantastic mixes, but with Stare and Stunning she proves to be quite the producer too.

Wallflower – Say You Won’t Ever (Deetron Remix)

29 Jul

I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again: sometimes YouTube can give a hell of a musical recommendation. This track was recommended by YouTube and I am very grateful for it!

Gui Boratto Ft. Come and Hell – Take Control (Original Mix)

27 Jun

Thank God! Gui Boratto has released his first new material of this year and he certainly delivers with this stunning track.

Vaal – Seahnak

4 Jun

Another great track from Tale of Us’ Boiler Room set. Credit goes to Vaal, who has made this deep track, with a lot of bass!

Ten Walls – Walking with Elephants

23 Apr

This track by Ten Walls is absolutely amazing. What a huge track!

ABBY – This Song Remains Through All (Clockwork Remix)

12 Apr

This track was the last track that Tale of Us played in their Boiler Room set and what a track it is.

Worakls – Et La Pluie Tomba

30 Nov

Today I’m sharing a great track by French DJ Worakls I had seen the name so many times on line-ups of parties and festivals, but I never had dug deeper to check out his music. Although a bit late, I’m glad I finally did. Check him out!

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