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Alex Clare – Whispering

27 Sep

After I watched the trailer for the new HBO series True Detective, I immediately wanted to know which song they used as a soundtrack to the trailer. Luckily I found out it was Whispering by Alex Clare. What a fantastic song. A highly recommended track. You should definitely listen to it!

The Coasters – Down In Mexico

14 Aug

Last week I watched the Quentin Tarantino movie Death Proof (2007) and was really amazed by the absurdity of it’s story, scenes and vibe. It seems like every Tarantino movie I watch, is breaking barriers nobody knew they existed. In this movie, about a stuntman called Mike who likes killing girls with his ‘death proof’ stunt car, everything seemed to fall into place. And so did the music. Tarantino is a master in creating this weird, but oh so cool scenes which feel like a movie within a movie. Maybe that is why I really like this song: after watching this scene, the song becomes a integral part of it. This song from 1956 by R&B group The Coasters was definitely made for this scene, in which stuntman Mike is getting the best lapdance ever. So to understand what I am saying, don’t listen to the song, watch the scene.

James Carter Organ Trio featuring Gregory Porter @ North Sea Jazz 2012

11 Jul

Last friday I visited the Dutch jazz festival North Sea Jazz in Ahoy, Rotterdam. And pff, I definitely saw some of the best musicians walking on earth at this moment. Starting the day with the complex and improvised music of the Dafnis Prieto Proverb Trio, contuining with jazz legend McCoy Tyner together with ‘son-of’ Ravi Coltrane and then via Van Morrison to Michael Kiwanuka. Kiwanuka (remember?) played all his jazzy soul songs with a five-piece band and he really blew me away. Check these videos as proof: Bones and I’ll Get Along.

After watching two songs by a disappointing John Scofield, I saw one of the most amazing concerts I have ever seen. Jazz saxophonist James Carter played with his organ trio: exactly what I like, the rawness of just drums, organ and saxophone is just what I love. I had never heard of James Carter before I saw the program of the festival. Some youtube videos convinced me to see him and he didn’t let me down. Carter is probably the most skilled and energetic jazz musician I have ever seen. That guy can get any sound of his saxophone. To top it off, jazz vocalist Gregory Porter was invited as a special guest. The fact that they never performed or even rehearsed together made the concert such a spontaneous and special event. To catch part of the vibe, check these videos: 1960 What? and an interview with Gregory Porter.

Cody ChesnuTT – That’s Still Mama

11 Jul

After D’Angelo returned from a ten-year long break, it looks like another neo-soul artist is about to make a comeback. You might remember Cody Chesnutt from his collab hit with The Roots or his song Look Good in Leather. Both songs were featured on his album The Headphone Masterpiece, which was released ten years ago. Now he is planning to release a new album. To do so, he is collecting donations via the website Kickstarter. Personally, I really hope he will be able to finish this album. Because after I heard this new song, I’m very looking forward to a complete new album. So please, help Cody!




Pretty Lights – I Can See It In Your Face

5 Jun

I Can See It In Your Face is a strange combination of instrumental music, dubstep influences, maybe drum & bass, funk?, soul, and whatever you can find more. A real musical melting pot, but one that works out very well. Pretty Lights is an American artist who really made his fame a year or two ago. That’s about when a lot of his (free!) albums and EP’s were downloaded by yours truly and listened to with great pleasure. If you didn’t knew Pretty Lights, now is your time to enjoy.

The Funkacise Gang – Funkacise

21 May

A few days ago I got a text message from H. sending me some musical tips. That could only mean one thing: some great classics! H. didn’t let me down. Check out this golden oldie from 1982: Funkacise. If this does not have funkiness all over it than I don’t know what has.

Trucks & Tedeschi Band – Midnight In Harlem

10 Apr

I know this track for quite some time now and I always play it when I have nothing to do and just want to relax. This track is so smooth! It starts with the clean guitar line by Derek Trucks, and when the band comes in the vibe is complete. Just listen to that organ and bass guitar. Susan Tedeschi (husband of Derek Trucks) tops it off. And then.. that guitar solo. Trucks proves that he is one of the best players on earth at this very moment. Accompanied by great bass playing, he catches the exact feeling of the song into his solo. Only the greatest players have the ability and feel to do that. Amazing band (with soul singer Ryan Shaw as backing vocalist), amazing song.

Bill Cosby & Quincy Jones – Hikky Burr

26 Mar

This song was recorded by Bill Cosby and Quincy Jones in 1969 as the theme song for The Bill Cosby Show. This song is so funky, thanks to the loose kind of playing. It sounds like everybody is just jamming and having a good time. Note the amazing saxophone lines and the awesome bass playing by Carol Kaye (amazing female bass player, played on classics like ‘Good Vibrations’ by the Beach Boys, ‘River Deep – Mountain High’ by Ike & Tina and a lot of Simon & Garfunkel songs).

The Section – Doing The Meatball

26 Mar

The Section is a band from Los Angeles formed in the early seventies. They mostly performed as a backing band for great artists like Crosby & Nash, James Taylor, Carole King, Jackson Browne and ehm… James Blunt. Because of all the artists they played with, you can hear that these guys can play every style of music. In their free time they recorded in total three albums, with mostly instrumental songs. This song was recorded in the time The Section recorded James Taylor’s album One Man Dog in 1972. The theme of this song is so catchy. First it starts with a very smooth guitar lick. When you think that’s it, the rest of band comes in with an even catchier saxophone melody. That groove goes on with a great sax solo. I really like the moment when the band stops and only that first guitar line comes back in. And now I’m listening to the song for the tenth time in a row, listen to that amazing bass guitar. Great song!

Smooth & Turrell – The Difference

25 Mar

Soulful, Groovy, Melodic, Beautiful. That is The Difference for me. After all the summer tracks, the trance, the tech house and everything, here’s a little something else for you (although this track is also a great track for sitting in you backyard, sun low on the horizon and a beer in your hand). One of my favorites songs for the past few weeks. That melodic refrain is smooth as hell. I’m really, really bad in hearing what singers sing in songs, so I will not attempt to write down what I think I hear, but the best part of the entire song is for me when John Turrell sings the line after this line: “…dedicate every single line I have to you”, which starts with “Everything…”. The way he sings that line just makes the entire song for me.

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