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Alex Clare – Whispering

27 Sep

After I watched the trailer for the new HBO series True Detective, I immediately wanted to know which song they used as a soundtrack to the trailer. Luckily I found out it was Whispering by Alex Clare. What a fantastic song. A highly recommended track. You should definitely listen to it!

Depeche Mode – John The Revelator

22 Mar

Without a doubt one of my favorite bands and quite possibly my favorite band ever: Depeche Mode. John The Revelator is such a great song from their album Playing The Angel which is an album full of fantastic songs. Exactly four minutes of pure Depeche Mode goodness. From the sick guitars, Dave Gahans characteristic voice, the religious theme and the sweet, sweet bass; this track is simply awesome.

Yann Tiersen – La Rade (Ft. Katel)

14 Mar

Now here is an exception by Yann Tiersen. Instead of his characteristic all-instrumental tracks, he released an album that used electric guitars, vocals and an ‘ondes martenot‘. One of the songs on that album is the song La Rade and it is one I like a lot. It just seems that Yann Tiersen can pull of anything musically. One thing is for sure, making beautiful melodies is something Tiersen does best.

Regeneration Music Project

28 Nov

A couple of weeks ago I came across this interesting project, which challenged five different artists to create a song in a complete other genre then they usually do. This mix of their own background with these other genres resulted in some surprisingly cool songs.

The first one, and my favourite, is a song by Mark Ronson, who we all we know from his work with Amy Winehouse. Ronson brought together an interesting group of people, like Erykah Badu, Mos Def and Zigaboo Modeliste (drummer of the legendary funk band The Meters). With these people Ronson had to create a jazz song and he came with a swinging, cheerful New Orleans style song: A La Modeliste.

One of the all-time best hip-hop producers, DJ Premier, had to make a classical song. So he asked one of the all-time best rappers, Nas, to join him (with a little help of the Berklee Symphony Orchestra) and came with Regeneration. Of course, strings in hip-hop are used a lot, but I never heard classical music and hip-hop combining in such a smooth way.

Pretty Lights, usually making electronical music, made a cool country song: Wayfaring Stranger. The Crystal Method made an R&B song (with Martha Reeves!): I’m Not Leaving. Since I’m not really into dubstep, the ‘rock’ song Breakn’ A Sweat made by Skrillex was in my eyes the least successful.

Early Hendrix

27 Nov

We all know Jimi Hendrix. We all know some of his classics, like Purple Haze, Little Wing and Voodoo Child. His guitar playing was a huge influence on almost every electric guitar player after him. All the Eric Claptons, Stevie Ray Vaughans and John Mayers would have been nothing without Jimi.

But like of all of us, Hendrix had to start right at the bottom of the ladder. Before he became the guitar hero as we know him nowadays, playing with his teeth or behind his head, he worked as a session musician. Actually, his musical career started in the army, where he met some important musicians that introduced him to the scene. As a session guitarist, Hendrix played with quite famous people, like B.B. King, Little Richard and Bo Diddley. The interesting thing is that you can really hear his transformation as a guitar player. On the early recordings he sounds like every other soul guitar player, but with the years he developed his own style which we all recognize. Listen to the songs Mercy Mercy by Don Covay, (My Girl) She’s A Fox by The Icemen and Move Over & Let Me Dance by The Isley Brothers. Makes me wonder if these guys knew how legendary Hendrix would become?

Coincidence or not, today would have been Hendrix’ 69th birthday. Happy b-day Jimi!

Stealers Wheel – Stuck In The Middle With You

24 Nov

Quentin Tarantino has a great music taste. Whichever of his movies you will watch, the soundtrack is always great. From the movie Reservoir Dogs, this song was one of the two that stood out. The other one was Little Green Bag by the George Baker Selection (it will probably get its own post in the near future). One of the reasons why Stuck In The Middle With You stood out, was definitely the scene in which it was played. If you have never seen Reservoir Dogs (you definitely should), let me tell you this (sort of spoiler alert!): Stealers Wheel, Michael Madsen, cop, razor, ear – Recipe for a lasting scene.

But the song is also great itself. Within twenty seconds the song is already at full groove mode. It starts with a guitar. Next, the bassline comes in. Clapping starts. Vocals. Yes sir. Nice vocals. Vocals that stay in your head. The result is a nice groovy song. For me personally, the guitar and the bass make this song so great. But listen for yourself.

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