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Sailor and I – Tough Love (Aril Brikha Remix)

28 Jun

This remix of Tough Love by Aril Brikha is really great. It is emotional, beautiful, deep music at its best. Be warned: the repeat button will be pressed regularly after the first listen.


Kellerkind – Backflash (Original Mix)

23 May

It’s time for another track that is all about the bass. Check Backflash out. That drop at one and a half minutes? You’ve got to love that. Kellerkind is a Swiss DJ from Bern who has a lot of own productions as well as some remixes out so make sure to have a listen to those. Backflash promises a lot!

WhoMadeWho – Inside World (Detone Mix)

16 May

This one is a favorite at the moment. Heard in a set by Miss Melera and set on repeat since then. It’s a deep track with a fantastic groove in it and some high-pitched vocals that reminded me a bit of Chromeo. It’s just awesome and you have to take a listen.

William Fitzsimmons – I Don’t Feel It Anymore (George Raquet Remix)

26 Mar

Holy shit. I just found a shitload of fantastic music! I really want to post it all, but I have to go to sleep now and well…exams are coming up. So I’ll have to see when I have the time, but here is a little taste of what is coming: I Don’t Feel It Anymore. This remix is just so sweet! Beautiful vocals that go very well with the  subtle beat. Well done George Raquet, well done.

Arsenal – Estupendo (Gui Boratto Remix)

21 Mar

Since Gui Boratto is one of my favorite artists, it is always great to find a new track by Boratto that I never have heard before. Especially when it is a great summery track like this one. But hey, I’m a bit biased so you’ll have to listen for yourself of course.  The bit I like the most are the vocals though, the only thing Boratto didn’t produce. But if you compare this track to the original, you can here what Boratto did to the vocals, layering it above a great beat and making a great melody out of it. So yes, Boratto’s touch is very much present.

Gui Boratto – Paralelo (Oliver Schories Remix)

17 Mar

Here’s one that just looks terrific on paper: on the one hand you have Gui Boratto, a longtime hero of mine, and on the other hand you have Oliver Schories, who became an instant hero recently. To top it off the track that is remixed by Schories is also a recent released track by Gui Boratto. His newest to be more specific. So when R. sent me this track I was very, very anxious to press on the link. But thank God, Boratto and Schories didn’t let me down. This track is just awesomely beautiful. The part with the strings and the part that comes directly afterward is so good.

Gui Boratto – Paralelo (Oliver Schories Remix)

Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin (Jori Hulkkonen Remix)

5 Mar

Ah Miss Melera thank you once again. This is such a good track that I found in one of the many Miss Melera sets that I have listened to. Of course also special thanks to Chromeo for the original and Finnish DJ Jori Hulkkonen for his great remix. Maybe a not so well known fact, but a fun fact is that Jori Hulkkonen was the co- producer and co-remixer of the track Sunglasses At Night under his alias Zyntherius. That’s a fun track to as a matter of fact. But about Bonafied Lovin, this track is a full speed drum fest. I love the beat, I love the vocals and I really love the drums: Bonafied Lovin.


“I’ll give you bonafied lovin
The type that makes me feel old”

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