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Talking Heads – Psycho Killer

1 Feb

At our high school, there was a boy who was always walking around, looking and behaving very eerily. Guess what his nickname became…? Not very nice I know. This track always reminds me of him. This one is for you Psycho Killer. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa!

Talking Heads – Sugar On My Tongue

1 Feb

Oh man. I just referred to this song in another post and it just deserves its own post. Sugar On My Tongue by the Talking Heads is a song from their debut album 77 from the year 1977. The song is so groovy and I really like how David Byrne sings in this track. The way he says ‘tongue’ like a crazy man and the way he brings every line is great. I always thought this track was about LSD since one way to consume LSD is to dip a sugar cube in LSD (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas anyone?) or at least about drugs, but after researching the only conclusion is that there are three possible scenarios. The first scenarios says, yes, it is about LSD or some other drug. The second scenario says that it is about sex since, apparently, ‘borrowing sugar from the neighbor’ was a reference to sex in the sixties. But this song was released in 1977 so… who knows? The last scenario is just the possibility that the track is about anything that you personally interpret what it is about. But the thing is, however you interpret the lyrics of the song, it still stays a great song.

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