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Worakls – Et La Pluie Tomba

30 Nov

Today I’m sharing a great track by French DJ Worakls I had seen the name so many times on line-ups of parties and festivals, but I never had dug deeper to check out his music. Although a bit late, I’m glad I finally did. Check him out!


Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns (Trentemøller Remix)

9 Apr

The original of Les Djinns is a beautiful track, but the Trentemøller remix is even better. One that has won international acclaim and it is no guessing why. Beautiful, spacey and relaxing. That is Les Djinns. And I don’t know what kind of string instrument you hear in the track, but it is great!

Oliver Koletzki – Der Muckenschwarm (Dominik Eulberg Remix)

25 Mar

I’m posting once again a remix. This time a remix by Dominik Eulberg. The remix has gained greater fame than the original as far as I know and I’ve heard this track in many DJ sets. Since both Koletzki as Eulberg are great DJ’s, this track already had a greater chance of being successful. But not only the DJ names are appealing, the track also does that by itself. The typical melody from the original works as a motif to work to climaxes and Eulberg reaches these with a groovy bassline rather than with a full-on, horns blazing, beats pumping climax. It really is more about that groove.

Marc Romboy Vs. Stephan Bodzin – Triton

23 Mar

Oh this is a collaboration made in heaven. Marc Romboy and Stephan Bodzin produced so many great tracks, this is just one of them. Like most of their tracks, Triton is all about the bassline. Like Triton the god, this track is just epic. Such a great, deep track. I love it.

Pan-Pot Ft. Cari Golden – Captain My Captain (Booka Shade Remix)

17 Mar

O Captain! My Captain! Our fearful trip is done;

Oh wait, no that is Whitman, not Pan-Pot or Booka Shade. Although Captain My Captain isn’t a musical masterpiece that is equal to Whitmans poem, it is a nice track nonetheless. Because the track hasn’t got a fat drop or one really big climax, the track is all about the groove. And it does have that head nodding groove in it. Check it out.

Elektrochemie [Special Post]

5 Mar

Elektrochemie is a electronica project consisting out of singer Caitlin Devlin, DJ Thomas Schumacher and DJ and producer Stephan Bodzin. Especially the names of Thomas Schumacher and Stephan Bodzin could ring a bell. Both are renowned DJ’s from Germany and Stephan Bodzin is a favorite of mine. Elektrochemie’s music is always dark, trippy and full of bass with a touch of strange vocals. All the tracks released by Elektrochemie (at least all the tracks below) are released on the fantastic music label Get Physical Music, founded by M.A.N.D.Y., DJ T and Booka Shade. All of whom are great DJ’s themselves.

Pleasure Seeker
Pleasure Seeker
is the first track that I chose. This is also chronologically the first track Elektrochemie released, but I chose it as the first because this is a track that displays the formula of Elektrochemie at its best. It is dark, it is bass heavy and the dark, disturbing vocals are also in play.

Mucky Star
The next track is Mucky Star which is probably my favorite. You can hear the influence of Stephan Bodzin in this track very well. The dark but warm and harmonious sounds that accompany the bass are a trademark sound of Stephan Bodzin. I also like the vocals in this track a bit more. Although still dark and abstract, they fit better with the warmness of the sounds.

You’re My Kind
Another track by Elektrochemie is You’re My Kind. This one is centered more round the vocals but it is still uptempo. Same recipe, different track, still unique.

Calling You
Lastly there is the track Calling You. A real dark bass filled track with vocals that snap out at you.

Whichever track  listen by Elektrochemie you choose to, they are all out of the ordinary to say the least.

Elia Casetti Orchestra – Infinito (Ante Perry Remix)

5 Mar

Ante Perry is a German DJ from Dortmund and a DJ that I desperately want to see live. He has great releases and remixes and this is one of them. Unfortunately Ante Perry spins most of his tracks in Germany and I never had the chance to go to Germany and party hard there. Because of that, I have to enjoy his tracks from The Netherlands; and thanks to the internet, you can enjoy this track from wherever you are!

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