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Drake – Hold On We’re Going Home (Instrumental)

20 May

Why is this track by Drake so great? Because it is instrumental! To me, it sounds a bit like Kavinsky. Take a listen to see if you agree.

The Section – Doing The Meatball

26 Mar

The Section is a band from Los Angeles formed in the early seventies. They mostly performed as a backing band for great artists like Crosby & Nash, James Taylor, Carole King, Jackson Browne and ehm… James Blunt. Because of all the artists they played with, you can hear that these guys can play every style of music. In their free time they recorded in total three albums, with mostly instrumental songs. This song was recorded in the time The Section recorded James Taylor’s album One Man Dog in 1972. The theme of this song is so catchy. First it starts with a very smooth guitar lick. When you think that’s it, the rest of band comes in with an even catchier saxophone melody. That groove goes on with a great sax solo. I really like the moment when the band stops and only that first guitar line comes back in. And now I’m listening to the song for the tenth time in a row, listen to that amazing bass guitar. Great song!

Kyteman – Sorry

26 Mar

This is some real magical stuff. Kytemans fame grew in 2009 when his album The Hermit Sessions came out and this track on his album is for me, by far, the best. Kyteman laid just so much emotion in this track that you can feel it yourself. The story goes that he made this track to apologize for all the things that he did to his, at the time already, ex-girlfriend. I don’t know what he did, but shit, I would forgive him. Goosebumps all over.

Roy Ayers – Stoned Soul Picnic

23 Mar

A couple of weeks ago I bought this record on vinyl, especially because of the great cover. I only knew the name Roy Ayers vaguely, but he could also be an American president or whatever. But listening to the record was a pleasant surprise, because the music has the exact same, relaxed vibe as the picture on the cover. I think the title track says enough.

Klangkarussel – Sonnentanz

22 Mar

Here’s another suggestion by S.: Klangkarussel’s Sonnentanz. Another DJ I had never heard of, but one that proves once again that there is so much music out there that is largely undiscovered (by me that is). If you already knew the track than you know that it is a great one, if you didn’t find out now! The track is, for a sunny day like today, aptly named ‘sonnentanz’, which means ‘sun dance’. If their isn’t any sun where you are right now, start dancing to this track and let the sun come out!

Yann Tiersen – La Noyee

14 Mar

When I first watched the film Amélie I really disliked it. The main reason for this was the fact that it is a French film and I really sucked at speaking French. Not a great argument I know, but still it was that way. The thing that I didn’t disliked though was the music. The soundtrack of the film is just simply great. One of the very best film soundtracks that exist. The track La Noyee is performed with an accordion and the melody is absolutely stunning. The last thirty seconds are just amazing. Unfortunately it is a very short track and I really wished it to be longer.

Yann Tiersen – Sur Le Fil

14 Mar

After R. send me the remix by Nils Hoffman Comptine D’Un Autre Été, I decided to listen again to some Yann Tiersen tracks and they always sound great. So, here is the first of some Yann Tiersen posts. This one is a favorite of mine and it is a special one also since it is played by Yann Tiersen only on a violin. It really shows not only the craftsmanship in composing the track, but also the craftsmanship in performing it live. It really is something special: Sur Le Fil.

Yann Tiersen – Comptine D’Un Autre Été (Nils Hoffman Remix)

14 Mar

Comptine D’Un Autre Été is of course a musical masterpiece. Everybody who knows the movie Amélie will recognize this song in an instant. Yann Tiersen, the composer and musician of the the track is a mastermind himself. Many, many tracks that he made are really great, but Comptine D’Un Autre Été is surely the most famous track by Yann Tiersen. To remix a track like this is always tricky business, but I think Nils Hoffman has done a good job with his remix of the track. Nils Hoffman kept the characteristic melody line of the piano and put a deep bass under it. It really keeps the magic of the original whilst trying to give the track a bit of a twist. I believe Nils Hoffman succeeded quite well with this beautiful remix.

Thank you R. for sending this track. Keep ‘m coming!

Wankelmut – Monuments

27 Feb

After I found about his great track One Day I searched for some more stuff by Wankelmut and holy shit this track is good: Wankelmut – Monuments. The track is monumental (stupid pun intended)! The track breaks musical boundaries and the result is just beautiful. Wankelmut has gained a fan.


Battles – Wall Street (Gui Boratto Remix)

7 Feb

Once again Gui Boratto shows why he is one of my favorites with this great brand new remix of the track Wall Street by Battles. Boratto always knows how to take the best of the original, add some great new stuff and compose a brand new track out of it. Electronic and instruments just fit great in this track. Guitar + the last two minutes = YES.

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