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Pretty Lights – I Can See It In Your Face

5 Jun

I Can See It In Your Face is a strange combination of instrumental music, dubstep influences, maybe drum & bass, funk?, soul, and whatever you can find more. A real musical melting pot, but one that works out very well. Pretty Lights is an American artist who really made his fame a year or two ago. That’s about when a lot of his (free!) albums and EP’s were downloaded by yours truly and listened to with great pleasure. If you didn’t knew Pretty Lights, now is your time to enjoy.

The Funkacise Gang – Funkacise

21 May

A few days ago I got a text message from H. sending me some musical tips. That could only mean one thing: some great classics! H. didn’t let me down. Check out this golden oldie from 1982: Funkacise. If this does not have funkiness all over it than I don’t know what has.

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