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Pretty Lights – I Can See It In Your Face

5 Jun

I Can See It In Your Face is a strange combination of instrumental music, dubstep influences, maybe drum & bass, funk?, soul, and whatever you can find more. A real musical melting pot, but one that works out very well. Pretty Lights is an American artist who really made his fame a year or two ago. That’s about when a lot of his (free!) albums and EP’s were downloaded by yours truly and listened to with great pleasure. If you didn’t knew Pretty Lights, now is your time to enjoy.

Björk Ft. Antony Hegarty – Dull Flame Of Desire – Modeselektor’s Remixes for Boys and Girls [Special Post]

7 Feb

In 2007 Icelandic singer/songwriter and actress Björk released a collaboration song with Antony Hegarty who is best known as the lead singer of Antony and The Johnsons, but I knew him as lead singer of some tracks from Hercules And Love Affair. Their song Dull Flame Of Desire got remixed by Modeselektor. More specific, it got remixed twice by Modeselektor. One remix is called ‘Modeselektor’s Remix For Boys‘ whilst the other is, you guessed it already, ‘Modeselektor’s Remix For Girls‘. I like that last one better (what does that tell me…?), but first something about the Boys remix. When holding the Boys and Girls remix next to each other what stands out for me are the musical qualities of Modeselektor. It just shows how broad their musical range is. The Boys remix shows more of a dubstep influence but still keeps the vocals, albeit distorted. When thinking why they named this one the Boys remix one must think this is because of the bass which gives it a ‘macho’-touch. At first I didn’t like this version at all, but now I have grown more into it. Because of the dubstep influenced part of this track, I believe this is more of a track that Modeselektor would play at a party. This, in contrary to the Girls remix which is way more relaxing and the vocals in this version are much more in place then in the other I would say. Also, the voice of Björk in this track reminds me of Karin Dreijer Andersson, the lead singer of Swedish electronic duo The Knife. Both remixes show what kind of musical style influence Modeselektor and how their own musical style cannot be named properly. When listening to both tracks I prefer the Remix for Girls. Which one did you like better?

Deadmau5 – Ghosts N Stuff (Nero Remix)

2 Jan

Last week I went on an amazing snowboarding trip to Porte Du Soleil, France with family and some friends. Every year I get really excited about this one week, so as some kind of pre-fun I watched some snowboard movies on youtube to get in the right mood. There I came across the trailer of a new snowboard movie, called The Art Of Flight (YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS, IT’S SO AWESOME!). I downloaded the movie to watch in France and what I saw was just one big snowrgasm (is that a word?). In the movie was one song that was perfect for that very moment, showing the invincibility of these guys conquering every mountain: Deadmau5 – Ghosts N Stuff (Nero Remix). It’s a good song, but you really should watch the movie to totally get it.

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