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Ben Howard – The Fear (Carlo Ruetz Simple Mode On Edit)

3 Apr

This hidden gem was hiding as a draft in our big pile of unreleased tracks! Enjoy this great track whilst the weather is still fine.

Bob Marley – Is This Love (Montmartre Remix)

30 Mar

Today is a very nice day in the Netherlands and this great track definitely fits the mood. Enjoy this sweet remix!

Terranova Ft. Nicolette Krebitz & Udo Kier – Prayer (Gui Boratto Mix)

25 Mar

Once again Gui Boratto has made a lovely remix. If you need to relax, just turn the volume up and listen to this beautiful and chilled track!

Milky Chance – Stolen Dance (DIMMI Club Edit)

23 Mar

Here is a great remix that I heard in a set that was pointed out to me by my girlfriend. This is precisely the kind of music that can make a sunny day even better.

Paul Weller – Wild Wood (The Sheared Wood Remix by Portishead)

22 Mar

Here’s a great song by Paul Weller, remixed by Portishead. The added drums to the already great track makes this remix, for me that is, even better than the original. A somewhat sultry voice, drums and a bass to love are the ingredients for this fine fine relaxing recipe.

Dillon – Your Flesh Against Mine (COMA Remix)

18 Mar

I’ve noticed recently that the most searched for track on this blog may very well be the track Thirteen Thirtyfive by Dillon in the Nico Pusch bootleg. Since I already posted about that track earlier, it has attracted quite the amount of views. Because it is so popular I thought I would share another track by Dillon, this time only in a COMA remix. Your Flesh Against Mine features of course the same distinct voice by Dillon and in similarity with Thirteen Thirtyfive this track is laidback and easy to chill to. Oh, and the lyrics are more easy to follow;). Enjoy!

Macklemore Ft. Ed Sheeran – Same Love (De Hofnar Bootleg)

17 Mar

Thankfully, DJ’s are able to create new versions of songs through bootlegs! Otherwise this beauty may never have entered your ears.

Sailor and I – Tough Love (Aril Brikha Remix)

28 Jun

This remix of Tough Love by Aril Brikha is really great. It is emotional, beautiful, deep music at its best. Be warned: the repeat button will be pressed regularly after the first listen.

Andri Ft. Hellsongs – Rock The Night

7 Jun

Rock The Night is the perfect track if you are in a mellow mood. A downtempo track with beautiful vocals: magic. But because of those sweet beats, the track is also great for a mellow moment while clubbing. Don’t believe me? Just put on your headphones, turn up the music and listen.

The Drums – Days (Trentemøller Remix)

6 Jun

Oh man. Listen to what I’ve got for you. An absolutely amazing remix by Trentemøller: Days. I’ve just stumbled upon it and I’m hooked already. It’s on repeat for the fourth time now and it still sounds great. Personally, I think it is the best thing that came out from Trentemøller since a long while (and I mean that very positively). From Trentemøllers bombastic, floor filling, bleep and synth filled electro (big, loud and great!) via his more darker and deeper releases on his albums (probably the most beautiful of his tracks) to his more instrumental, loud and sometimes plainly crazy tracks that he makes, remixes and plays now (I’m not liking everything that he uses in his sets though); I’ve been following Trentemøller from the early ’00s until now. This track is seriously one of the best that he ever made and it’s really a beautiful track. I mean, just listen to those deep, rich drums, that added electronica, the best sounding tambourine ever and those perfectly fitting vocals. Highly recommended and one you have to listen to. Now!

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