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B.O.B. – Magic (Walk Off The Earth Cover)

16 Jan

I stumbled upon the band Walk Off The Earth whilst looking at a video of them performing a cover of Gotye ft. Kimbra’s Somebody That I Used To Know. In that video you could already see that they are musically talented since they performed that cover with five people, on one guitar (although Gerard Butler on the right doesn’t do that much).

In this cover you can only see two people (‘G.’ and Marhall) of the band but here you can also see some musical creativity and especially from ‘G.’. Although I don’t really like the original song by B.O.B., this song has got a really nice, funky vibe to it. This comes largely thanks to the performance of ‘G.’. In this cover he beatboxes, sings, raps, plays the piano and plays a ukelele. What also makes this stand out is the raspy, raw and a bit crazy voice of ‘G.’.

Oh, and watch the ukelele-catch in the clip! Got knows why but in almost every clip there is a ukelele-catch.

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