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Yann Tiersen – Sur Le Fil

14 Mar

After R. send me the remix by Nils Hoffman Comptine D’Un Autre Été, I decided to listen again to some Yann Tiersen tracks and they always sound great. So, here is the first of some Yann Tiersen posts. This one is a favorite of mine and it is a special one also since it is played by Yann Tiersen only on a violin. It really shows not only the craftsmanship in composing the track, but also the craftsmanship in performing it live. It really is something special: Sur Le Fil.

Erik Satie – Gnossienne no. 5

28 Nov

Last september dubstep artist James Blake made a mix for BBC’s Essential Mix. The mix didn’t contain a lot of dubstep, but as he said himself ‘most of it is music I listened to in the last year’. That was definitely a good choice and the result is a nice mix with great variety.

The opening song is probably the most unusual. It’s a solo piano song composed by Erik Satie: Gnossienne no. 5. The surprise of hearing this as the first song and the calmness that it spreads, did their work. It’s a beautiful, simple composition. It’s funny to hear that a song composed in 1889(!) still has influence on today’s artists.

No more words, just listen.

Regeneration Music Project

28 Nov

A couple of weeks ago I came across this interesting project, which challenged five different artists to create a song in a complete other genre then they usually do. This mix of their own background with these other genres resulted in some surprisingly cool songs.

The first one, and my favourite, is a song by Mark Ronson, who we all we know from his work with Amy Winehouse. Ronson brought together an interesting group of people, like Erykah Badu, Mos Def and Zigaboo Modeliste (drummer of the legendary funk band The Meters). With these people Ronson had to create a jazz song and he came with a swinging, cheerful New Orleans style song: A La Modeliste.

One of the all-time best hip-hop producers, DJ Premier, had to make a classical song. So he asked one of the all-time best rappers, Nas, to join him (with a little help of the Berklee Symphony Orchestra) and came with Regeneration. Of course, strings in hip-hop are used a lot, but I never heard classical music and hip-hop combining in such a smooth way.

Pretty Lights, usually making electronical music, made a cool country song: Wayfaring Stranger. The Crystal Method made an R&B song (with Martha Reeves!): I’m Not Leaving. Since I’m not really into dubstep, the ‘rock’ song Breakn’ A Sweat made by Skrillex was in my eyes the least successful.

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