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Trucks & Tedeschi Band – Midnight In Harlem

10 Apr

I know this track for quite some time now and I always play it when I have nothing to do and just want to relax. This track is so smooth! It starts with the clean guitar line by Derek Trucks, and when the band comes in the vibe is complete. Just listen to that organ and bass guitar. Susan Tedeschi (husband of Derek Trucks) tops it off. And then.. that guitar solo. Trucks proves that he is one of the best players on earth at this very moment. Accompanied by great bass playing, he catches the exact feeling of the song into his solo. Only the greatest players have the ability and feel to do that. Amazing band (with soul singer Ryan Shaw as backing vocalist), amazing song.

Eric Bibb – Shingle By Shingle

4 Feb

It’s saturday afternoon and you are probably getting by from a hard friday night. Let me help you.

Eric Bibb is one of those persons who is breathing music. Growing up as part of a very musical family, you can see this guy had to be a musician. Playing mellow blues songs on his acoustic guitar, only accompanied by a bass guitar, he is singing songs that will catch you from the very first second and will not let you loose. As an 11-year-old he got an important advice from the great Bob Dylan: ‘Keep it simple, forget all that fancy stuff’. And that is what makes it so magical. The guitar skill is evident, but Bibb just plays the things that help the song. That is what makes this song so honest.

Shingle by Shingle

Back To Basics

18 Nov

In this time of mp3’s, iPods and torrent seeds, there are a lot of moments when I am missing listening to music. And I mean listening. Those moments when you buy a new cd and put it in your cd player for the first time and doing nothing but sit in your couch listening. Or those moments when I listened to my parents’ vinyl records over and over, all those Beegees, Zappa and Ry Cooder songs.

That made me decide to buy a turntable myself and start collecting vinyl. As a good beginning, I bought about eight records. Later I was surprised it was all black music. All soul, hiphop and jazz.

These are some of the records I like most. Just listen to some of my favourite songs. Sure you’ll like it.

Candy by Lee Morgan

Hoochie Coochie Man by Muddy Waters

The World Is Yours by Nas

Rocket Love by Stevie Wonder

War/No More Trouble by Bob Marley

Doing It To Death by The J.B.’s

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