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Recondite – Tie In

17 Feb

This is a track you really just should give a go and then judge it for yourself. But my opinion? Fantastically deep! Listen to it loud on your speakers, or (preferably) with some good headphones on.

Damon Wild & Tim Taylor – Bang The Acid

1 Feb

In Leiden there is a club concept called DITCH where DJ’s only play tracks on vinyl. The upcoming edition features Damon Wild and I must honestly confess that I did not knew the man before I read that he would spin this weekend. The reason could be that Damon Wild has been a DJ for quite some time. He has produced loads of acid and techno tracks and therefore has been very famous in the acid techno scene. One of his acid classics is the track Bang The Acid which he made with Tim Taylor. Furthermore, Damon Wild has become famous because of his techno label Synewave. After some YouTube research I stumbled upon Bang The Acid and I must say that it is a banging track. With its hi-hats, drums, bass, vocals and whatever, it creates a really crazy acid techno track.

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