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Disclosure – White Noise Ft. AlunaGeorge

28 Jun

I simply love this track. It has a nice bass, crazy bleeps and high vocals. No wonder this track is a chart stormer… Because of this track I checked out their album Settle and that’s great also!

David Keller – Plauen Remix (Duo Stiehler/Lucaciu)

15 Jun

My friend R-s has suggested some really, really great tracks the last few weeks. He should make his own blog, or at least keep suggesting tracks for this blog! Here’s the latest one: David Keller – Plauen Remix (Duo Stiehler/Lucaciu). Highly recommended.You should definitely give this chilled out track a listen. Oh and while you’re at it, don’t forget to take a look at the awesome clip.

Great Minds

11 Jun

Three days ago the biggest Dutch hip-hop release of the year came out: Great Minds. The album is a real supergroup collaboration, featuring three of the best mc’s Holland has at the moment. First of all, Sticks who we know from the group Opgezwolle. He is definitely one of the most skilled mc’s around. Then we have Jiggy Dje, whose album De Ark de Triomf is a real classic in my opinion. The third mc is Winne who grew out to be a symbol of the Rotterdam hip-hop culture. The group is completed by producer Dr. Moon, who earlier collaborated with members of the Wu family. This group travelled to Paris to record most of the album. 

And however expectations were high, the album didn’t let me down. You can really feel the atmosphere of these guys hanging around having a good time. The first single of the album is Doag, featuring Kleine Viezerik in a crazy role. Check it out and if you want to support Dutch hip-hop, buy the album and you will not be disappointed!

David August – Until We Shine (Ft. Yvy)

1 Jun

David August always produces great tracks. This track, Until We Shine, really stands out for me from his fantastic album Times. A deep bass, great live instruments and haunting vocals. Love the song, love the album.

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