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Plassix – Polaroid

19 Nov

Ah man, this stunner of a track was brought under my attention by R. and I’m glad he noted me on it. Plassix is a Swiss artist from Bern who is, as his Facebook states, also a producer and songwriter. That is about all I know of Plassix, not forgetting the most important part: he makes fantastic music. Check out Polaroid!

Tomcraft – Loneliness

13 Nov

Today I give you a, by some, long forgotten classic: Loneliness. Classics like this just deserve it to be played today, both at home and in the club. Incredibly popular at the time of its release, it made the number one position on the UK Singles chart. Now, ten years later, we can still hear why.

Martin Dawson – Is This Goodbye (Tale Of Us Remix)

12 Nov

Today I heard the sad news that Martin Dawson a.k.a. King Roc (and other aliases) has passed away. Although I was familiar with the name and DJ, I had never taken the time to really listen to all of his work. It is quite sad that someones death was the reason to search and listen to a fair amount of his work instead of hearing someone live in a club and liking what you hear. After hearing Catz ‘N Dogz perform live I had already posted about an earlier remix by Dawson though: Odd Parents – Fame (Catz ‘N Dogz & Martin Dawson Sweet Saturday Remix). But I think I was introduced to Dawson earlier in 2007 when I bought the CD Toolroom Knights mixed by Gabriel & Dresden. On the CD was the seriously great remix by King Roc of the track Good For Me by Above and Beyond. Unfortunately Dawson hasn’t got the chance to make more great tunes anymore. The music that he already has produced still stays to be appreciated and enjoyed though. And let’s just do that. Enjoy this marvelous piece of legacy, in a superb remix by Tale Of Us:

Martin Dawson – Is This Goodbye (Tale Of Us Remix)

Ante Perry vs. Tube & Berger – Human You

11 Nov

I had never heard of Ante Perry before this track, but what an introduction it was. When you are flanked by the great Tube & Berger a great track lurks right around the corner, but I am quite sure that Ante Perry had his fair share of influence on Human You. Final result? A banger of a track. No discussion possible.

Clapz II Dogz – The Rain

9 Nov

I just found out about a collaboration that I’ve been very excited about, namely the collaboration between the fantastic Soul Clap and Catz ‘N Dogz resulting in Clapz II Dogz. The Rain is the first track by Clapz II Dogz that I stumbled upon and they have provided some deep tunes here. The track starts of deep and pulsating with the sound of trickling drops. But where it really gets groovy is when the vocals kick in and add as another layer on top. Check it out.

Daniel Bortz – Boyz 2 Men

8 Nov

Shame on me. I had forgotten all about this great track by Daniel Bortz. Does the singer sound familiar? It is the distinct voice of Anthony Hegarty. I am not sure if it is a sample of another track by Anthony Hegarty, or if Hegarty collaborated on this track. If it is a sample than Daniel Bortz has integrated it fantastically. If it was a collaboration, than I can only praise the collaboration. The melancholic voice of Hegarty combined with the piano and the beats make a wonderful track.

Alex Winston – Sister Wife (Moonlight Matters Remix)

7 Nov

The first time I heard this track was on this mix made by Aeroplane from Belgium. It is the first track of the set and it seriously kicks off right. That funky sound, that odd high pitched voice and the fantastic melody. It is just a really great track that makes me happy. Check out Sister Wife!

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