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Monkey Safari – Little Lion Man Ft. Mumford & sons

17 Oct

Another longer track that’s worth listening to until the end. Monkey Safari have made this track a full on relaxed chiller. The vocals just fit perfectly under the smooth beat that Monkey Safari added. It doesn’t matter if you like Mumford & Sons or not, this is just an awesome remix.

Everything But The Girl – Wrong (Deep Dish Remix)

15 Oct

Now Wrong is a genuine classic. Sometimes a track that has a long running time feels a bit boring, but I am so glad that this track runs over ten minutes. From the great vocals by Tracey Thorn (and Ben Watt) to the seemingly simple touches by Deep Dish, it is over ten minutes of greatness. The remix just has that extra touch which creates a great vibe, but credits definitely go to both Everything But The Girl and Deep Dish.

Oliver Schories – The Rebirth (Solee Remix)

15 Oct

When you have an original track by Oliver Schories and you see the name of Solee as the remixer of the track, than you know you are going to listen to some really good stuff. With The Rebirth they produced a deep and hypnotizing track. This one is not for those of you seeking a club banger; but if you want a deep and bass filled track, this is one for you.

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