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The Coasters – Down In Mexico

14 Aug

Last week I watched the Quentin Tarantino movie Death Proof (2007) and was really amazed by the absurdity of it’s story, scenes and vibe. It seems like every Tarantino movie I watch, is breaking barriers nobody knew they existed. In this movie, about a stuntman called Mike who likes killing girls with his ‘death proof’ stunt car, everything seemed to fall into place. And so did the music. Tarantino is a master in creating this weird, but oh so cool scenes which feel like a movie within a movie. Maybe that is why I really like this song: after watching this scene, the song becomes a integral part of it. This song from 1956 by R&B group The Coasters was definitely made for this scene, in which stuntman Mike is getting the best lapdance ever. So to understand what I am saying, don’t listen to the song, watch the scene.

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