Businessman – Dubby Games

2 Jun

Businessman is an alias by well known DJ and producer Anders Trentemøller. For this fantastic remix he used the original track Wicked Game by Chris Isaak (the clip was well known because of the presence of model Helena Christensen) and renamed it into Dubby Games. What is produced after Trentemøller laid his hands on the original is the sad, melancholic voice of Isaak and the great music of the original with a more upbeat tempo and electronics added by Trentemøller. This remix is a fine example of keeping the core elements of a track and remix it to make it a new and original track. And a great one at it as well.


One Response to “Businessman – Dubby Games”


  1. Parra for Cuva Ft. Anna Naklab – Wicked Games (Original Mix) | Dude What's My Groove? - May 10, 2014

    […] a later version not sound great also. Take for example Businessman’s (alias of Trentemøller) Dubby Games or Adriatique & Thyladomid’s version, who did great jobs with the original material. […]

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