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H.O.S.H. (with NTFO Ft. Malonda) – High

28 Jun

High is a great track by H.O.S.H., NTFO and Malonda and played a lot by various DJ’s. The DJ that introduced me to this track was Oliver Schories who played it at Pleinvrees in Amsterdam. If you are going to see him play in the near future, or if you have seen him play not to long ago, then I’m sure that he played this track. Because Schories stated that this track was one of his favorites at the moment. It’s not difficult to hear why. The track is deep and melodious with a haunting vocal in it. Once again a great track from the label Dynamic.

Sailor and I – Tough Love (Aril Brikha Remix)

28 Jun

This remix of Tough Love by Aril Brikha is really great. It is emotional, beautiful, deep music at its best. Be warned: the repeat button will be pressed regularly after the first listen.

Flight Facilities Ft. Grovesnor – With You

26 Jun

After being absent for a while on this blog, here’s my comeback with a simply fantastic track. With You is funky and deep but above all, it’s so smooth. If this doesn’t become a summer hit I will lose faith in all of the DJ world and perhaps I will be forced to do a quick course on DJ-ing and save the world. But for now, save yourselves and just listen to the track.

Kellerkind – Triple Distilled (Orignal Mix)

12 Jun

This is a deep and cheerful tune. Listening to this can’t make you feel bad. Not with those happy sounds coming back. With those beats bouncing, those sounds flowing and those horns blazing, it’s a guaranteed feet mover by Kellerkind.

Milkwish – Relajate (AKA AKA & Thalstroem Remix)

7 Jun

Live music and electronica do not mix together? Your must have never heard of this remix. What an absolute sweet banger of a track this is. That beginning when you hear the trumpet, the crazy vocals, that moment the bass kicks in and than just the rest of the track: amazing. I’ve had the honor of hearing this being live performed by AKA AKA (although without Thalstroem) at Pleinvrees and it was crazy!

Andri Ft. Hellsongs – Rock The Night

7 Jun

Rock The Night is the perfect track if you are in a mellow mood. A downtempo track with beautiful vocals: magic. But because of those sweet beats, the track is also great for a mellow moment while clubbing. Don’t believe me? Just put on your headphones, turn up the music and listen.

Lexy Ft. Soffy O. – Chronicles (David August Remix)

6 Jun

The way Chronicles is sung in this track sounds like a hypnotizing chant. It just stuck in my head when I heard it the first time and that’s not really a bad thing with this track. Chronicles is another deep, fist pumping remix by David August.

The Drums – Days (Trentemøller Remix)

6 Jun

Oh man. Listen to what I’ve got for you. An absolutely amazing remix by Trentemøller: Days. I’ve just stumbled upon it and I’m hooked already. It’s on repeat for the fourth time now and it still sounds great. Personally, I think it is the best thing that came out from Trentemøller since a long while (and I mean that very positively). From Trentemøllers bombastic, floor filling, bleep and synth filled electro (big, loud and great!) via his more darker and deeper releases on his albums (probably the most beautiful of his tracks) to his more instrumental, loud and sometimes plainly crazy tracks that he makes, remixes and plays now (I’m not liking everything that he uses in his sets though); I’ve been following Trentemøller from the early ’00s until now. This track is seriously one of the best that he ever made and it’s really a beautiful track. I mean, just listen to those deep, rich drums, that added electronica, the best sounding tambourine ever and those perfectly fitting vocals. Highly recommended and one you have to listen to. Now!

Oliver Schories at Queens Day Pleinvrees (30-04-2012)

5 Jun

Normally I don’t post DJ sets, but this one is a must listen! It was the set that Schories played on Queens Day in Club Air. I mean, he begins with the Subb-an remix of Blue Jeans! What an intro. And if you listen, you can hear some other tracks that have been posted on this blog already. Just listen and deeply enjoy.

Pretty Lights – I Can See It In Your Face

5 Jun

I Can See It In Your Face is a strange combination of instrumental music, dubstep influences, maybe drum & bass, funk?, soul, and whatever you can find more. A real musical melting pot, but one that works out very well. Pretty Lights is an American artist who really made his fame a year or two ago. That’s about when a lot of his (free!) albums and EP’s were downloaded by yours truly and listened to with great pleasure. If you didn’t knew Pretty Lights, now is your time to enjoy.

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