Dillon – Thirteen Thirtyfive (Nico Pusch Bootleg)

14 May

This is a great track, although it has some strangeness over it. But maybe that is just why it is great. First of all, just listen to the way the vocals are sung. Dillon really has a distinct voice. Mysterious, high pitched and well, childlike? But great nonetheless. And than the vocals on their own. What is it about? And I mean especially this part:

you’d be thirteen
I’d be thirty-five


for you I found a vent
in the bottom of a coal mine
just enough space for your hands in the inside


Especially the fact that you would be thirteen and I’d be thirty-five part has made me think of several things that you could be. The fact that the track makes you think is something I like.

But all in all. Dillon’s voice and vocals make sure to know that she has a broken heart. But because of whom, or what? That’s not clear for me. The track in the Nico Pusch bootleg keeps it relaxed and beautiful with an easy beat and strings. That the vocals are kept as the the center of the track by Nico Pusch is a superb move. Give it a listen.


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