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iiO – Rapture

31 May

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for a classic. Released already eleven years ago, Rapture is a fine example of the dance music scene in the early ’00s. It was the first single by iiO (Nadia Ali and Markus Moser) and because of this track they gained world fame with Rapture being played all over the world. The most characteristic thing about the track is no doubt the voice of Nadia Ali who was only twenty one at the time. Since then she has made so much appearances on electronic dance music that she just is one of the greatest electronic dance music vocalists. Take a listen to the track that started everything for Ali.


Mooryc – All Those Moments

30 May

All Those Moments is a track that’s on my favorite list this moment. To be honest, when I heard the first few lines of the vocals the first time I wasn’t convinced. I thought that they were a bit whiny at first. But Mooryc, a.k.a. Maurycy Zimmermann from Poznan, proved me oh so wrong. After consideration the vocals are perfect, they are really dreamy and deep just like the rest of the track. I sure as hell love the refrain, it’s beautiful and just as you think things couldn’t get better than there comes that mid-track drop. A stunner.

Gerd – Palm Leaves (Deetron Remix)

29 May

Deetron, a Swiss DJ from Zürich made an absolute stunning, pumping track by remixing Palm Leaves from Gerd. Also heard on the CD Hed Kandi: Deep House, this newly released track is just the thing I like from time to time: a deep bass, a mysterious vocal and a thriving beat. Head nodding and feet shuffling assured with this one.

Coldplay – Paradise (Oliver Schories Remix)

28 May

Supposedly an old track that Oliver Schories has remixed and remastered, here is the ‘new’ release of Paradise. This remix by Schories makes you float away on that piano piece and I love the way he used the vocals to create that drop in the middle and at the end. Deep, dreamy and melodious. It’s another great one by Oliver Schories.

Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness (Reich & Bleich Remix)

25 May

With the last two days in The Netherlands filled with sun there is no summertime sadness here. There is only summertime happiness. And a track to help you keep your happiness up this summer is paradoxically called Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey in the remix by Reich & Bleich. It turns out Lana Del Rey is perfect remix material since quite a lot of her tracks have been successfully remixed (and posted on this blog!).

RJ Fletcher – Money And Cigarettes

24 May

Money and Cigarettes by the British DJ RJ Fletcher is a re-edit of the track Take Me To The River by Al Green. Money and Cigarettes is funky, soulful, deep and just a summer smasher. With the weather as hot as this and the music as funky as this, a great day is guaranteed.

Chapeau Claque – Last Dance (Enliven Deep Acoustics & Kenny Leaven Remix)

24 May

Time for a chilled and beautiful track: Last Dance. A recurring thing that I encounter while finding good music on YouTube is that the videos that accompany a track become more and more professional looking. This is also something R. has encountered since he has found the pleasure in sending me tracks that have stunning looking videos. The video that accompanies Last Dance is a good example and it is really a pleasure to just sit down, listen to this beautiful track en enjoy the visuals.

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