Joris Voorn & Moby – After The After (Original Mix)

18 Apr

This seems like a collaboration that is a bit unusual. Two DJ’s who have a completely different musical style, but oh how great the result is. Without a doubt two very gifted DJ’s. Moby is the most obivious and the most well known, but do not underestimate Joris Voorn. His musical abilities were displayed at their best when he released the Balance 014 compilation where he mixed a lot of tracks into one coherent DJ mix. An ability that can be seen and appreciated by a non-musician like myself. Especially when you’ve heard anti-DJ’s like Billy The Klit who mixes two hundred¬† and seventy tracks within three minutes and by doing so completely ruining everything that could be good about a track. Joris Voorn completely succeeded in mixing over a hundred tracks on two cd’s and still make it sound like a coherent and great mix. Moby is of course Moby. Even though his later work isn’t appreciated as much as his earlier work, after having released classics like Go, Porcelain, Natural Blues, Into This World and even God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters, to deny his musical abilities would be simply stupid. And then there is the result of the collaboration: After The After. A track that is in the first place driven by a funky groove. But the real highlight for me is that sound that is first heard at 02:17 and is later repeated in the track. That’s the real touch of genius for me.


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