Theophilus London – Wine And Chocolate (Andhim Edit)

9 Apr

After having not posted for such a while, a problem has risen. Namely that there is now even more good music to post! Post everything sounds like the best solution, but this brings another problem.
That problem is somewhat like this: the last few days have been filled with all kinds of Eastern dinners, lunches, brunches and breakfasts, but before that there were some days that I have been posting a lot. A lot! So much even that some of my friends had said that I should back down a bit. They were telling me I was addicted to posting. Something I could relate to maybe.. yes maybe.
This brings me to two possible solutions for my overload of great music. One is that I listen to my fellow blogger and my friends who say that I should post a little less and stretch my posts out for the upcoming days, weeks or even months. The other solution is to ignore them all and just post hell of a lot of music. I tend to do the latter. Especially when you hear this track. It HAS to be shared!

When S. said I should listen to this track I was very eager to listen to it. I had no idea who Theophilus London was, but I already knew Andhim because of the track Aleefee, so I already had good hopes. And oh how Andhim did not let me down. Their edit of the track Wine and Chocolate is amazing! Smooth vocals that are perfectly timed and build upon that great bass. It sounds so simple, but it is so perfect. Listen to it, listen to it again and share it!


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