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Kölsch – Opa (Original Mix)

29 Apr

Ah Miss Melera, great DJ and source of many, many fantastic tracks has provided once again a tune to remember via her DJ sets. Once again it is a track by Kölsch. I already posted about the track Loreley (and about the pleasure of hearing it at Pleinvrees), and this time it is the track Opa. Kölsch’s real name is Rune Reilly Kölsch and he comes from Denmark. With great tracks like Loreley and Opa I’m sure he will release (or already has released) great tracks that will be posted and that you have to check out for yourself.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Subb-an Remix)

29 Apr

I heard this track in a DJ set by Oliver Schories and I immediately wanted to know which track it was. I knew the original by Lana Del Rey, but this remix was one I wasn’t familiar with. After some searching I found out it was a remix by British artist Subb-an. The remix is such a deep track. The deep, low voice of Del Rey really adds some deepness for sure. It fits very well. Give it a listen!


J.C.A. – I Begin To Wonder (Original Radio Edit)

25 Apr

This track, well not this version, gained worldwide fame when Danni Minogue (sister of) released it under the same name. The original though, is the one right here. It was released in 2002 by the DJ called J.C.A. which stands for Jean-Claude Ades. With vocals that stick with you and a pumping beat, it’s a great house track which became a classic. Listen why.

Claptone – Good To You (Original Mix)

21 Apr

This track was recommended by S. and what a great track it is. Definitely one that needs to be shared so, hereby I am doing just that! How can you not love that beginning? It’s just phenomenal. That guitar!  That heavy bass!  I just love it. And as the track goes on further, more great components trickle in. The track slowly gains a deeper layer with more and more instruments added until that sweet vocals come in. This one is definitely going to be a big one when it’s summer, but of course it already is.

Mario, Vidis, Jazzu – Give It A Try

20 Apr

The performers of this track, Mario, Vidis, Jazzu, are all Lithuanians and consist out of the group Mario Basanov & Vidis (real names Marijus Adomaitis and Vidmantas Cepkauskas) with Jazzu (real name Juste Arlauskaite) featuring on this track. They have made a beautiful track filled with deep melodies, serene humming and calming vocals. Especially good when enjoyed on a sunny day.

Larse – The More I Want

20 Apr

With music coming at me from my fellow blogger, from S., from R. and from myself I now have an almost infinite list of tracks that are on stand-by to be posted. For example the track The More I Want by Larse was recommended by S. almost a year ago. This deep house track by German DJ Larse from Dortmund is fantastically chilled. Those deep vibes in combination with that vocal really gets me into that summery vibe of a summers day late afternoon or early evening. Add in a cocktail in my right hand and a nice view of a sunset and a man cannot be made happier for those seven minutes that the track lasts.

DJ T Ft. Khan – Leavin’ Me (David August Remix)

19 Apr

David August is a producer and DJ who does not only release fantastic own productions, his remixes are also really great. You can clearly hear this in this remix of the track Leavin’ Me. This is just the first remix by David August in 2012 and I really cannot wait to hear what more he is going to release. I am heavily anticipating his work! This track can only be described as massive. It is a bit more downtempo than some other tracks by August, but it still is a big one. Just listen to that heavy, heavy drop that you year after listening to those sad, melancholic vocals. Brilliant.

Roy Ayers – Tarzan (Âme Remix)

19 Apr

My fellow blogger recently blogged about Roy Ayers. This time it is Roy Ayers in the Âme remix. It is a deep, thriving house track. It isn’t as oldskool funky as the original, but it still has a funky drive in it. And it is especially addictive because of that deep bassline and the pulsating beat.

Kaspar Bjørke – Heaven (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

18 Apr

I believe Chilean Nicolas Jaar really stands out when he is remixing other tracks. This time it is Heaven by Kaspar Bjørke. After being remixed by Nicolas Jaar what remains is a relaxed track with beautiful vocals. The beat is deep and full and with the (electronic) instruments that supports the vocals it creates that excellent vibe. Really a beautiful track.

Djuma Soundsystem – Kamiloso

18 Apr

This is a massive track that you really need to hear. I am waiting in anticipation to hear this one live in a club on big booming boxes. In contrast to their more downtempo Les Djinns (here a post about the Trentemøller remix), this is just a straight floorfiller. A floating, spacey melody that is ‘dragged’ across the track, the deep vibe and a more upbeat tempo makes this such a great track. You must listen to it loud on boxes or loud with headphones on.

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