Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Tristesse

23 Mar

While starting this blog, our only readers were some our Dutch friends and my mom and dad. But right now, we got views from all over the world. And at this very day we seem to be very popular in Germany. So let’s reward that and get into some cool German tunes.

You might know this one already, because it has grown to be a real classic. The first time I heard this song, I saw it on Youtube together with the video. And as it was late at night, it made a huge impression on me, because the music and the video seemed to fit each other so perfectly. Later I found out that the video came from the Disney movie Fantasia 2000, for which the Disney moviemakers made a movie on their favourite piece of classical music. So in fact, this video was made for The Firebird by Igor Stravinsky. Completely different ofcourse, but I’m still amazed of the Kollektiv Turmstrasse version.


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