The Four Tops – Baby I Need Your Loving

14 Mar

To have some variation on our blog, I’m taking a step away from all the electronic music and I want to take some time to post about some oldschool Motown! This 1964 hit song is from The Four Tops and what is really great about them is that they still perform live. Today I woke up and I watched some BBC when they announced that The Four Tops were going to perform live. I waited until they performed and I must say, looking at four old men singing their hit single from 1964 in 2012 was really a nice way to get up today. Baby I Need Your Loving!


One Response to “The Four Tops – Baby I Need Your Loving”

  1. iamlizardking March 16, 2012 at 7:31 am #

    It was a lot harder to impress back then, they had to sing well, have good stage presence, and command the attention of at least the nation to stay on top. As of late artists with little to no talent are resorting to using shock and awe tactics to maintain their audiances and it is getting rather tiresome.

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