D’Angelo is back!

4 Feb

Remember D’Angelo? Suddenly he was there halfway through the nineties. Just a young guy and what he did to the development of soul was amazing. He defined what would later be called neo-soul. Inspired by the classic heroes from Otis Redding to Marvin Gaye, but also by the new hip-hop stuff and the more smooth r&b, soul was getting ready for the new millenium. Remember this song? Damn, that shit is legendary. It is from his second album, Voodoo, from 2000. Around that time, D’Angelo suddenly stopped everything he did. The story goes that he couldn’t take it anymore to be in the spotlights everyday, everywhere. So for eleven (!) years we hardly heard anything about him, apart from a few collaborations and a few pictures in which he looked more like a bum than a soul superstar. Until a couple of months ago, when there were suddenly some announcements that he would do some European gigs and that he is working on a new album. Some people thought it was true, a lot did not. But it was true. The last couple of days he played in Scandinavia, Paris and Amsterdam. And ooh, I regret that I missed it. The ticket price of 65 euros made me doubt too long, so all the tickets were gone. So thank God for youtube. The quality is not that good, but enough to show that D’Angelo is back!

Untitled (How Does It Feel) @ Paris

Sugah Daddy @ Stockholm

Higher @ Paris

Chicken Grease @ Paris



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