Agoria [Special Post]

2 Feb

Agoria is one of those DJ’s that I have heard a lot about, but don’t really know any tracks of. At least, that was what I thought. After some searching on discogs I found out that there were three tracks that I did know. One was Baboul Hair Cuttin although I didn’t knew the original. It was the Gui Boratto remix that I had heard before. But the original is a nice trippy song if you listen to it. The second track by Agoria that I knew was Stereolove. Funny fact is that like with Baboul Hair Cuttin, it wasn’t the original that I knew. This time it was a Paul Kalkbrenner remix that I knew. Such a great track with that saw-like bass in it. The third track by Agoria that sounded familiar was the track Les Violins Ivres. I think everybody knows the violin part. I am not sure by whom it was composed (was it composed by Agoria or is it an excerpt from a classical piece?)  but it is such a wonderful track because of the violins. And of course the beat is layed over the violins like a perfect match. A beautiful track.

Then a while ago I was listening to a set by Miss Melera and I heard a track and I wanted to know which track it was. First I searched online for a tracklist but a could not find any. Then I decided to give Shazam a go and if started to freak out and spit a LOT of different names. Although this gave me all the reasons to be angry at my Shazam, I wasn’t because every track it spit out was great (God knows why but it even gave me Vamos A La Playa by Omonimo and that’s arguably a great track, but well…, maybe it is in its own way…)! One of those tracks was Europa by Agoria. I gave it a listen and I must say that I liked it. This ones more upbeat and I can see this one getting a crowd wild at a party, especially the last part will do this.

And to finish this post, I will end with a song from Agoria that I have just found: Dust (ft. Scalde). It just shows that Agoria can make vocals and live instruments like violins sound great in his tracks.



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