X-Press 2 Ft. David Byrne – Lazy (Norman Cook Remix)

1 Feb

This is one of my favorite tracks ever. Just listen to the intro! As a matter of fact, it was also my introduction to David Byrne. This track just works both musically and vocally. This is due to a few points. First of all, X-Press 2 make great oldskool house tracks like Muzik Xpress and Muzikizum. Secondly, David Byrne is a great vocalist. He just has a great voice for singing. Another point is that the lyrics are great, who isn’t sometimes as lazy as this?

Good times, good God
I’m so lazy I almost stop!

The way David Byrne pronounces the stop could be my favorite part of the track. Especially with the beat, bass and rhythm that ensues. And lastly, Norman Cook was the remixer. I think everybody knows Norman Cook under his alias Fatboy Slim. A very great remix he has produced indeed.

The combination of all these points create a track that has so much tempo and groove that I find it very hard to imagine that someone could dislike it. Released in 2002, even after ten years the track sounds great!


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