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Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Club Clique For The Bad Girls Remix)

27 Feb

Here’s a nice track to chill to that I got from S. to end my posting spree. The, already, infamous song Video Games by Lana Del Rey in the Club Clique For The Bad Girls Remix. A nice uplifting, relaxing track.


Solomun – Talk To The Hand

27 Feb

For my study I have to read a lot of texts and personally I like to listen to some tracks whilst studying. Currently I am listening to a DJ set by Wankelmut and the following track just came by and blew me away: Solomun – Talk To The Hand. What a killer track! A real banger and I just had to stop for a moment to listen and bang my head to the track. The track has just such a brilliant groove to it, sitting still is never an option whilst listening to Talk To The Hand.

Wankelmut – Monuments

27 Feb

After I found about his great track One Day I searched for some more stuff by Wankelmut and holy shit this track is good: Wankelmut – Monuments. The track is monumental (stupid pun intended)! The track breaks musical boundaries and the result is just beautiful. Wankelmut has gained a fan.


Momo Dobrev & Didko – Shift And Ctrl (Original Mix)

27 Feb

Momo Dobrev and Didko are quite unfamiliar DJ’s for me, but they do make some nice music. This track is called Shift And Ctrl. Looking at his SoundCloud I found out that Momo Dobrev is from Plovdiv in Bulgaria, check it out if you liked Shift And Ctrl.


SCSI-9 – The Rime

27 Feb

YouTube thank you once again. Searching on YouTube sometime feels like using a metal detector on a beach and once in a while you’ll find that little treasure. Today I found a little treasure called The Rime by SCSI-9, a Russian musical duo. Unlike treasures that are worth a lot of money, this is one I will share with you guys;). But maybe this is even worth more since it produces happy feelings, countless times.

Dapayk & Padberg Ft. Caro – Island (Nôze Remix)

27 Feb

This track begins great, but halfway it becomes amazing. It really doesn’t need an introduction. It needs to be listened to. It deserves it! Dapayk & Padberg Ft. Caro – Island (Nôze Remix).


“Time won’t let us stop!”

Pillowtalk – Soft (Life & Death Remix)

25 Feb

This track is really deep. Once again a track with great, great vocals and a great bass. Thanks go out to R who sent me this (along literally 99 other great tracks that must be posted when I have the time). Listen to this track with headphones on, or on high volume. And pay special attention to the vocals. They really catch that great melody with the vocals. Still humming to this track right now…

“We can stay all night listening to the sound…”
Oh yes we can!

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