Ricardo Villalobos – Dexter

28 Jan

Ricardo Villalobos, a Chilean DJ and producer, is one of the greats in DJ-ing . With his minimalistic techno he was one of the few who made the genre ‘minimal’ famous in the early 00’s. He has been a very popular DJ since, but he has a style that you hae to get used to I suppose. Other post about Villalobos will certainly follow, but I’ll start with the track Dexter. Although this track is very relaxed and chilled, it still shows Villalobos his typical style. On the first listen quite simple, but layered when listening to it better. The track has a deep melody that is repeated over drums and bass. Like most of Villalobos his tracks this track is long. Most released tracks by Villalobos are around ten minutes long and this track is no exception. Also, every track is layered, deep and beeps, bleeps, drums and bass dance around each other like a musical tango. Dexter is a nice introduction to Villalobos, but other tracks resemble more of the style that he plays. I’ll definitely come back to him later.


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