Extrawelt [Special Post]

26 Jan

Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe are Extrawelt. With their unique sound they have conquered a lot of clubs all over the world and as a matter of fact, they still are. They just released a new album in 2011 called In Aufruhr on which they departed a bit from their usual club bangers. They still kept their typical sound though and keep producing great tracks. What has their trademark all over it are the buzzing synths, the bass that is long and well, also buzzes and a melodic groove. Their first album Schöne Neue Extrawelt also showed their more more down tempo side (although with down tempo I mean a slower tempo than their usual up beat tracks). Their range in music from downtempo to up tempo will also show in this post.

Extrawelt at Das Ding Plattenleger
The earliest moment I remember listening to Extrawelt was the moment I listened this set of them for the first time. After six years I still find this an absolute superb dj set. I mean, especially the beginning. Most of their great tracks stop by in this dj set and I will base this post largely around it.

First of all the track 8000. Start a live set with this track and I am sold. But what can I say, starting a track with a build up like this also makes me want to listen to more and more! A nice, slow, spacey track.

The name says it all. A super track. One of Extrawelt’s most famous tracks released on James Holden’s Border Community label. A really grooving track. I really really like the beginning of the track with its jumping bleepy sounds that start around 01:40 and continue. As it slowly progresses the song gains more rhythm, bass and tempo. Like always with Extrawelt, it is all about the progression of the track.

And now a real banger, Fernweh. Dark, filled with bass and strange loop-like synths. The closure of the track is just great. Everything comes together, the track is sped up and a grand finale ensues.

From one crazy track from Extrawelt we continue to another. Drehfehler is more of the very good same of Extrawelt. This one is all about the groove.

is a rhythmic track that makes you want to move although how to move is another question.

This one is another crazy track. Up beat, totally neurotic but such a great track: Stammgast. At the bleepy intersection in the middle it is just waiting till the great part comes. And it comes. Absolutely more about groove than about a real hard bass pumping finale.

Not only does the set at Das Ding Plattenleger start with a great intro, it also ends with a great ending. The track Titelheld is kept for last and with that, Extrawelt go out with a bang.

But of course this set doesn’t bring you every great track that Extrawelt has produced and to give you a helping hand, here are some more great tracks:

Doch Doch
Doch Doch
is far more down tempo than a lot of other Extrawelt tracks. It makes the drop, because it is still here, more special then usual. More relaxing, but still head nodding music by Extrawelt.

was a track that I didn’t new before making this post, but I am loving it. It just proves that Extrawelt makes a lot of good tracks. While listening, make sure you focus on melodies in this track!

Dark Side Of My Room
A favorite of mine from their Schöne Neue Extrawelt album: Dark Side Of My Room. I really like how Extrawelt uses the bass in this track to make his melody. Or make a melody with the bass. Doesn’t matter. It’s great. The drop with the bass at 05:00 is worth a listen. Subtle but massive at the same time.

Must Attack
Techno with drums? Must Attack!

Wolkenbruch is another track from their album Schöne Neue Extrawelt. What I really liked about this track is how the title stands out within the track. When translating Wolkenbruch to English, the meaning is ‘Cloudburst’. What is typical of a cloudburst is that it is a huge amount of rain that’s falling, sometimes with thunder and lightning. When listening to this track I am always imagining that this is what I hear. The drums and bass are the thunder and lightning, the multiple fast paced beeps and bleeps are the rain that is falling in large amounts.

The new album from Extrawelt is even more based on a lower tempo, but that does not mean that the tracks aren’t great. Not at all. Here are a few great tracks, up tempo and more down tempo.

is a very good example of the pace of the album although some more up tempo tracks are also on the album. Phoebe uses some strange music that remind me of gamelan (Indonesian musical ensemble) music. Then there is a vague vocal in the track, but what I really really like is the way instruments and bass play out with each other and create great melody lines.

Swallow The Leader
Swallow The Leader
is one of the up tempo tracks on the album. It has the typical Extrawelt style saw-like bass in the track and uses drums and bass to form a original melody. A typical Extrawelt track.

Die Welt Ist Nicht Genug
Die Welt Ist Nicht Genug starts with sounds that remind me of someone breathing. Then all instruments start and the bass comes in. This results in a track that is really relaxing for the first three minutes. After this the playful bass begins to make all kinds of bass filled melodies which I really like. The up-and-down jumping bass in the second part of the track is just gold.

Dumb Age
One of the tracks from their new album that I liked the most is Dumb Age. Once again it is about the build up and the second part of the track where the build up leads us makes this such a good track. Melody and bass are the ingredients of this track and Extrawelt fuse these ingredients to a great dish.

Experimental? Strange? Bleeps? Techno? Minimal? It doesn’t matter how you call the music of Extrawelt. They will always try new things to make sure you will never pin point it right. I’m never sure how to dance to Extrawelt, but their music will definitely make you move! Look for more I would say, because they have released so much more.


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