Fairmont [Special Post]

16 Jan

Fairmont is the dj name of the Canadian Jake Fairley from Toronto. He gained his fame around 2005 when he released the track Gazebo on James Holden’s Border Community label. The track was an instant hit and became a club banger all over the world. If you went to any club wherever around 2005/2006, chances are that you’ll recognize the track from the moment it stars. And even after seven years, you can still hear why it was such a great track at the time. First of all, I would say it fits the Border Community label perfectly with the strange blips and bleeps of the tracks. Anyone familiar with James Holden’s music (I have posted already some stuff of his) will recognize this. The blips and bleeps give the track a characteristic trademark whilst it is still a melodious and bass filled track. Later on in the track the bass gets a bit bouncy which gives the track its club banger possibilities.

They Live In The Moon
Since then, I must admit that I haven’t heard a lot of Fairmont. But then again, I didn’t search either. I almost went to a party where he played three years ago, but that was it. Until recently. I saw that he would play in Amsterdam in the near future and I decided to listen to a dj set of him just to hear what he had been producing in the last few years. Well, it sounded great to be honest. The dj set (which was a live one) started with the track They Live In The Moon. A great track as set opener. It builds up slowly but it promises a lot. The build up is dark and melodious. Then there are the vague obscure vocals which remind me of another track but I can’t recall it’s name at the moment. The bass is at first a bit ‘dragging’ with which I mean that it is a long and ‘stretched out’ bass. Towards the end of the track the bass is supported by a drum and the track gets more into a club track. As with Gazebo, I would say this set fits perfectly with the sound of James Holden, but this track was released on Traum Schallplaten. And to be honest, it also fits with the sound of Extrawelt, which are other artists that have releases on Traum.

But to get back on They Live In The Moon, I said that the beginning of the track promises a lot and while it delivers itself, as a set opener, it also promised a lot of the rest of the set. The second track was Emax. Also a dark and melodious track, but more upbeat than They Live In The Moon. A distorted vocal or whatever it is runs troughout the track and is supported by bass and drums and gives the track a trippy vibe to it. The track isn’t that fast and hard, so it could work as a relaxing soundtrack to chill to, but the bass and drums in the second part really makes me curious to see what this track would do in a club.

So to conclude, Fairmont has still produced some characteristic, strange and good tracks since the track Gazebo. Although I won’t think any of these will make such an impact as Gazebo, they are still absolutely worth listening to.  It’s all very promising and I will keep a better eye on him this time.


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