Modeselektor – Black Block

13 Jan

A few months ago, I went to a party in The Hague were Modeselektor played. Until a few minutes ago, I was pretty sure I had posted about it on the blog. But I didn’t. Well, I wasn’t really going to blog about the party itself, but more about one of the tracks that Modeselektor have produced and played at the party: Black Block. In an earlier post I said something about Cirez D’s Mokba being a rollercoaster of bass, well Black Block goes a step further I would say.

Modeselektor consists out of Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary and was formed in Berlin. They are well known for their variety in their musical productions. Their musical influences ranges from hip-hop to house and electro, but this track is just straight pumping techno. The build up of the track is just great. That is because it doesn’t really build up very subtle. Within 35 seconds the track is already pumping. But even while the track is a real banger,  Modeselektor did found room to put nuances in the track that make it more than a simple pumping bass. At around the 01:00 mark, percussion is added and it works. It gives the track another dimension. This is done again at around 01:36 with an effect that I cannot name. It gives the track some sort of break without stopping its continuous flow. So when the drop falls at 02:34, it falls good. Continuing the flow with an even greater pace. I really like the part after the break. Some real energetic techno, but still with layers in it. Great.

And dropping this track at a party just makes a crowd go berserk I can tell you that (the crowds reaction at 02:34 in the clip was somewhat like it). I knew Modeselektor because of their collaboration with Apparat called Moderat. Moderats album, also called Moderat, was one of my favorites when it came out. So, when I heard Modeselektor would promote their own album in the area, I decided to go there. I would definitely check out Modeselektors newest album called Monkeytown. Some further posts will definitely be about some of the tracks featured on that album. For now, just enjoy listening to Black Block. Use headphones! And turn the volume up.


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