Wamdue Project [Special Post]

12 Jan

Almost everybody knows Wamdue Project. Even if you didn’t knew the name, then indirectly you did knew it because of its hit single King of My Castle. That track became famous in 1997 and has since then been a part of many peoples memory of the nineties. The track was originally released as a down tempo track, but it became famous after it was remixed to a house track by Roy Malone. The clip of the track deserves a special mention because it uses images of the legendary anime classic Ghost In The Shell. The use of these images was something which impressed me a lot when I was little. King of My Castle is a great house track and it is obvious why it became a dance music classic. From the beginning when the beat starts you know it will be good. Then the vocals of Gaelle Addison start which are pleasant to hear and sing the infamous lyrics that stay in your head. And for most of us, will be remembered forever. But the lasting question is: what is the reason?

But King of My Castle isn’t the only good track by Wamdue Project. This second track, You Are The Reason, is a 1998 house track by Wamdue Project that is made by the same recipe as King of My Castle: a good voice (Victoria Frigerio), an addictive house beat and lyrics that stay in your head. And as with King of My Castle, it definitely works! Funny fact: the clip of You Are The Reason uses images of the movie Patlabor 2, another anime film from the same director as Ghost In The Shell.

Both above mentioned tracks came out in the nineties and although the fame of Wamdue Project simmered down, Wamdue Project still kept producing tracks. In 2009 they released a track called Forgiveness featuring Jonathan Mendelsohnn. Although this track is more downtempo, it still has a house melody and beat to it. I heard it on a CD from the label Fierce Angel and immediately liked it. It showed Wamdue Project still had some magic left! Once again they used their famous formula. A combination of good vocals and a good beat. And yes, it still worked.

And recently, after hearing the CD Late Night Sessions by Ministry of Sound, I knew for sure that Wamdue Project still is as musical nowadays as when King of My Castle came out. The latest single of Wamdue Project, Paths featuring Jessica Tonder, probably will never be as popular and well known as King of My Castle, but it shows Wamdue Projects musical genius in a whole other way. Instead of the uptempo house beat of King of My Castle, Paths has a nice downtempo house beat which works perfectly fine. The voice of Tonder is soothing and calm and is really uplifting. I have only known this track for a week or three but it is constantly on repeat.

Since the  nineties until now, Wamdue Project has produced good uptempo and downtempo house tracks. I am hoping Wamdue Project will continue to produce tracks like King of My Castle and Paths in the future and I would suggest keeping an eye on this name!


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