Two Thousand And Twelve Nights with Pete Tong at Club Zouk, Singapore

2 Jan



At New Years Eve I couldn’t go to a New Years party because I was in the Philipines and had to travel the day after to Singapore. Therefore, my brother and I decided to go to a new years party in Singapore. The place were it was held was Club Zouk, one of the best and most popular clubs in South East Asia. In 2010 DJ Magazine even placed the club in their top ten of best clubs worldwide. The attending dj was Pete Tong. Everybody who knows the BBC Essential Mixes must be familiar with Pete Tong. Although the man is simply an electronic music legend, I didn’t really know what to expect from him but his set was a pleasant surprise. One track was a real banger, but I am still trying to find out what it is called. Also a pleasant surprise were the resident dj’s. They played a lot of underground techno and house tracks which I didn’t know but that were really good! They were one of the best residents I have ever heard in a club. The only negative thing is the price of alcohol. A beer costed Singapore $13,50 which is €8,10! But alcohol in Singapore is everywhere extremely expensive. In the end, it was a very good start of 2012!


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