Lazy Fat People – Shinjuku

28 Dec

From The Philiphines I bring you Japan! Well, a track named after a district of Tokyo that is. My father told me yesterday about his stay in Tokyo and I asked him if he knew the district of Shinjuku since I knew it existed from this track. This is a track I have known since 2006 when it came out. Then, it was a popular track played by dj’s like James Holden, Oliver Huntemann and Gregor Tresher. The dj’s,  Lazy Fat People, are a Swiss dj duo consisting out of Mirko Loko and Raphael Ripperton (also known under his more famous alias Ripperton). The track Shinjuku starts slowly and build up until you hear the very typical part of the track which I cannot name, but you will understand it when you hear it. It is the part that is repeated and is varied upon during the track. For the best part, hear the track from around 03:00 till the drop at around 03:30!


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