Pleinvrees Report [Special Edition Post]

23 Dec

Okay okay… I have a ton of other things to do, but Florence & The Machine – What The Water Gave Me (Oliver Schories Edit) is on repeat with my headphones on and it just brings me straight back to Pleinvrees! The music leaves me no choice, I have to share the Pleinvrees experience with you.

Pleinvrees is an organization that throws great parties in Amsterdam. At the party where we (my fellow blogger, some friends and me) went to the dj’s that spinned that night were: Jody Wisternoff, Miss Melera, Arjuna Schiks, Oliver Schories, Einmusik and AKA AKA.

Jody Wisternoff
Jody Wisternoff is the half of Way Out West and has produced great tracks like Lassoo, Starstrings (Vocal Mix) and the track which introduced me to Jody Wisternoff some years ago: Nostalgia (Remix). Together with Nick Warren, Jody Wisternoff forms Way Out West. With Way Out West he has also some very nice tracks like Bodymotion, the banging Ultraviolet, the relaxing Only Love and the track that started it all, even before Nostalgia: Blue.

We did see Jody Wisternoff, who is a long time favorite of mine, but I didn’t hear quite enough of him to judge his contribution at the party. Although he played for three (!) hours, we only listened to a part of his set since he was the dj who opened the party. Also, since he was the opening act, his set wasn’t really up-tempo banging. I am glad to know that his set will be posted online in the near future and I am really looking forward to hear it. Unfortunately in the short time that I listened to Jody Wisternoff at the party, I didn’t recognize any tracks which is a shame because he has some really nice tracks as I have listed before.

Miss Melera
So I didn’t hear a lot of Jody Wisternoff. The problem was also that Miss Melera, who is a dutch dj played, simultaneously. And although Miss Melera isn’t such a big name as Jody Wisternoff, see has a seriously good musical taste. We did conclude however that here set also wasn’t really banging, but it was because she also played in the earlier hours of the party. Miss Melera is one of my favortie ‘underground’ dj’s because she introduced me to a lot of very good tracks. For example the track Kölsch – Loreley which I already have posted about is a track that I know via her. Like with Jody Wisternoff, I didn’t really hear a lot of her set so I can’t judge it and I didn’t recognize any tracks although she spinned a few that I quite liked. To give you a taste of Miss Melera, these are tracks that she has played before: Fritz Kalkbrenner – Kings In Exile, Guy J – Electric Tale (I also already posted about this track), Joris Delacroix – Symbiose, Daso – Thujon, Brisker & Magitman – Modern Love (Original Mix) and Eric Sneo – Cosmic Dance. Got to live it, right?

Arjuna Schiks
Arjuna Schiks was the only dj that we didn’t hear at all. The reason for this was that Oliver Schories set was so extremely good that we couldn’t get away from it. Which is a good thing. Also, Arjuna Schiks is a dutch dj so I am confident that I’ll hear him at a party in Amsterdam soon. If the line-up would be any different, chances are that Arjuna Schiks would be one of the dj’s that I would really liked to see. In this case, the line-up of the party was just TO good. We had to make choices and not seeing Arjuna Schiks was one of those unfortunate choices. Some tracks that he most likely played that night: Afterbelle, Waterkristallen, Einsight and his most famously and very good track Mahesvari.

Oliver Schories
And now i come to Oliver Schories. What a fantastic performance did he portray. It was a live set by Oliver Schories so he only spinned his own productions and remixes which in his case was just perfect. I must honestly confess that before i saw the line-up of Pleinvrees I didn’t even knew who Oliver Schories was and I am so glad that I do now. The discovery of Oliver Schories was one of the best things that happened to me in 2011, musically wise.
At Pleinvrees Oliver Schories played tracks that all deserve their own post and maybe they will get it! As mentioned in an earlier post, he played this track Florence & The Machine – What The Water Gave Me (Oliver Schories Edit) and when he did it was just magical. Really really fantastic. The best thing of the story is that it wasn’t even the best part of his set. Because the moment when the crowd really exploded was when he played his track Archipel (R, you know what I mean!). Especially the parts at 03:32 and 05:02. When those drops came in, it was just madness. But the sweet musical treats didn’t end here, oh no! Tracks that also got the crowd wild were Wildfang and track which I already posted about: The Composer. In that post I expressed my wish that Oliver Schories would play this track. Well, he did. And it was just wonderful.
As you can read I really liked the set of Oliver Schories. The fact that it was the only set that I stayed with from beginning until ending, even with Arjuna Schiks playing in the other room, says enough. It was easily one of the very best performances that I have seen in 2011, maybe even the very best!

Also a performer who plays really good tracks which we didn’t really hear a lot of. We did went to see and hear him for a while and in that time I heard his track Silk ‘n Saw. Which was great to hear live. And he also played his track NYX. Because of the before mentioned choices we had to make we didn’t hear much more of Einmusik that I could recognize. How unfortunate that is can be heard while listening to Jabloko, Jittery Heritage (also a track that I was introduced to by Miss Melera) and Phaesant, tracks that he could have played that night.

As with Arjuna Schiks, the reason we didn’t see a lot of Einmusik was the fact that an other dj just played a fantastic set. In the case of Einmusik, it was AKA AKA. AKA AKA are two german dj’s who are really crazy. For me, they were the number 2 act of the night. And the funny thing is that in any other case they would have been number one with their tracklist. To give you an example of how good this edition of Pleinvrees was, hear me out. AKA AKA played two tracks that I already have posted about and still they weren’t the best dj’s of the night for me. Can you grasp that? So good was this party!
But rest assured that the party (including us) went crazy when AKA AKA played Kölsch – Loreley. In the earlier post I stated that “…when hearing this song in a club, it is crazy as hell.” and oh yeah crazy it was! When Loreley had ended, I realized that AKA AKA must have read this blog. There was no doubt about it at all because the very next track after Loreley was…. Cirez D – Mokba (remember this post?). And if you thought Loreley would fire people up, Mokba fired people up double! It was awesome. Other tracks that AKA AKA played were Tom Shopper – Ice Cream and there fantastic collaboration with Thalstroem: Relajate. Oh and to end it all, there also was a sit-down with a track that I didn’t know.

To conclude, it was a fantastic musical night to remember. And hopefully there are a few tracks in this post that you like to. See you at the next Pleinvrees? I’ll be there!


To give you an example of the atmosphere of the Pleinvrees party where we went to, here is the aftermovie.


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