Bibio – Haikuesque (When She Laughs)

18 Dec

Call me sentimental but if this song doesn’t do anything for you, you just don’t have any feelings! I stumbled upon Bibio maybe a year ago or something. I really liked some of his songs so i downloaded his album Ambivalence Avenue. A very very good album it is. This track is my favorite Bibio song. It is calm, relaxing and just hits something within. The only thing is that it is so short! At 02:20 the song slips into a calm almost heavenly song that could be seen as a song apart from the first part. At first I wasn’t into that part at all. I found it interrupting from the very good first part. But after a few listens, that part had its charm also and I kind of liked it to. Still, for me, the first 02:20 are just musical gold. The guitar is just perfect and the vocals are melodious and relaxing.


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