Some music from Los Abrazos Rotos

14 Dec

For a course that I follow, I have to analyze and write a paper about the movie Los Abrazos Rotos (Pedro Almodóvar, 2009). In the movie there are two scenes that are situated at a club and of course, music is played there. Although both songs are extremely different in musical style, they are both good and stuck with me since the first time I watched the film (analyzing a film means you have to watch it numerous times so even if the song was extremely bad, by now it also would have stuck with me).

The first song is Vitamin C by Can. A trippy drummy bass song. The voice did remind me a little little bit of the vocals in Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit, but it could be just me. Not the chorus though (“Hey you! You’re losing your Vitamin C”). I found it a quite relaxing song.
The other song that was played in the club was a song by Uffie called Robot Oeuf. Which in contrary with the Can song starts very up-tempo since it starts with some strange techno beat that promises a crazy track, but then the vocals of Uffie come in and it fades into a more electro-vocal-thing. I would rather have seen a non-vocal track in this case, but still it stuck so here is the post.


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