10 Dec

eLan is a dj from America and he was one of the dj’s that spinned before Modeselektor at a party in The Hague. As I didn’t knew eLan, I did some research and downloaded a dj-set he made earlier this year. As a matter of fact, I didn’t really like the dj-set, but this track stood out, BY FAR! It was played right in the middle of the dj-set and it made me turn op the music a notch.

The track is some kind of cross between hip-hop and electronica and it just sounds great. Especially the bass. The track begins with two or three claps and then the bass just booms into your speakers. Then the tempo turns up a notch and we hear some vocals. You can’t really say that he is singing nor that he is rapping, the ‘vocalist’ also has a very typical, maybe even whiny voice. But it isn’t annoying at all. Then the tempo rises again to the best part: 02:13 till about 02:48. Just love it! From 03:48 till the end there is some sort of acceleration which I really would like to hear longer to see where that would take us.


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