Trentemøller – Take Me Into Your Skin

8 Dec

Anders Trentemøller is a Danish artist from Kopenhagen, known for his artist name: Trentemøller. He became famous because of his remixes for names such as Moby, Pet Shop Boys, The Knife and Röyksopp. Most of these remixes are real floorfillers, but when Trentemøller released his debut album ‘The Last Resort’ people were amazed by his combination of electronic music and live instruments. The sound he created was a real organic, deep, warm and sometimes omnious sound. Take Me Into Your Skin can also be defined by these words. The track has a build-up and never a real climax. You do feel the build-up, the tension, the euphoria, and at the moment when you expect it, it really explodes into loud and fast drums and instruments. This climax of sorts which I only could describe as a chaotic ‘climax’.   But afterwards, it calms back into the soothing sounds of the most relaxing electronica. But the track is more about the real build-up to this sort-of climax. There lies the emotion of the track. It just always brings both a feeling of melancholia with it, but also euphoria. Since first hearing this track at a friends place (loud, very loud) I have always seen this track as my favourite track. I would give recommend a few listenings before judging  if you like it or not, but I highly highly recommend it!


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