Nul Elf Acht – Halve Literatuur

6 Dec

Nul Elf Acht is a hip-hop group from Vlissingen. Starting with four mc’s under the name of 0118-Vier, combining the phone number of Vlissingen and the amount of rappers, they really made a name for themselves in the underground hip-hop scene. Two of them left the group in 2006, which left the other two as Nul Elf Acht. They’ve been together for a long time now and they’re about to release a new album in the near future. I already knew the older songs, like Licht Uit, Spot Aan and Autobiografisch, but on the new album they are taking their music to a whole new level. Thanks to great beats by DJ Vindictiv and sharp lines (‘En deze beat die doet me denken aan m’n vader, echt zo pats onverwachts vlakke hand op je kanis’), Nul Elf Acht really take their place in the front of the Dutch underground hip-hop. To keep us posted, DJ Vindictiv made a snippet mix of the upcoming album and yes, I am looking forward to it.


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