Oliver Schories – The Composer

5 Dec

In Amsterdam there is an organization that organizes parties called Pleinvrees. Their music can be described as deep, melodious and energetic. So no wonder that Oliver Schories is one of the artist that will be playing at the new Pleinvrees gig. Friends of mine have been going to earlier parties of Pleinvrees and although I really like the music and artists that spin there, I never had the chance to go their myself. Until now. At 16 December I will go to my first Pleinvrees party and I am really looking forward to it. Especially because I didn’t even knew of Oliver Schories until I saw the line-up of the party. And I am really grateful that I know the music of Oliver Schories now. I am definitely hoping that this track will be played by Oliver Schories.

The Composer is one of his best tracks and it fits perfectly in the description of deep, melodious and energetic. If a track is melodious and has a nice bass than I am sold. Give a track a nice break in the middle of the track and I am double sold!


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  1. Pleinvrees Report [Special Edition Post] « Dude What's My Groove? - December 23, 2011

    […] end here, oh no! Tracks that also got the crowd wild were Wildfang and track which I already posted about: The Composer. In that post I expressed my wish that Oliver Schories would play this track. […]

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