Phonique [Ft. Ian Whitelaw] – Our Time Our Chance (André Lodemann Remix)

1 Dec

A few months ago I went to a party where André Lodemann played. To prepare myself for the party and for the music, I listened to a dj-set by André Lodemann. This track was the one that defenitely stood out. I really love this track. A favorite of mine since the day I heard it.

The rhythm, the bass. It really sets the tone for the track. And i really love the vocals. Best part of the vocals for me is definitely the part at 03:08. The part when everything comes together. But also the part at about 04:12 (..didn’t I, didn’t I go..) a short, simple but perfect part.

While chilling before the party, I played this track and hoped that Lodemann would play it that evening. But…. Because of a friend of mine (the one where we were chilling) doesn’t even know the way in the city he lives in, (yes R., I am indeed talking about you!;)) we didn’t make it in time to see Lodemann. So better luck next time. In the meanwhile, I will enjoy this track once in a while.


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