James Blake – Limit To Your Love

28 Nov

I am supposed to do a lot of work at the moment, but my fellow blogger has inspired me so much with his music that I am going to squeeze this quick post in between my work. As you have read in the post before, my fellow blogger mentioned James Blake. An artist that is truly inspirational and makes very experimental music. On the album James Blake, by James Blake, there is a song called Limit To Your Love which stands out from all other tracks.

As I have stated once before, I am not a musician. So when I say i love a track, it is because it has some parts in it that I love. I will try to describe which parts these are and why they are so great for me, but I do not have the knowledge to say this in the right terminology.

Limit To Your Love starts with a piano. It is simple but very gripping. It catches you from the very instant. And right away, James Blake starts singing in his strange, high voice. You are taken away by the vocals and piano until around the 50 seconds mark, it waters away. An almost thunderous bass is becoming more clear and gets louder. And then the real bass kicks in. A wobbling bass that is reminiscent to a dubstep bass. But it stays a very slow, chillout song. Then, the vocals and piano take over again. The best part of the song is later on when, at the end of the song, there is a similar break as the one just described. At this point, when the track starts again, it starts with the bass, piano and vocals all simultaneously. This creates just the perfect part of the track. I wished it would last longer!


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