Caribou – Melody Day [Ft. Luke Lalonde Adem & One Little Plane] (Four Tet Remix)

27 Nov

Caribou and Four Tet are both very good artists. In 2010 Caribou’s album Swim came out and it was very well received. In the same year, Four Tet came with the album There is Love in You which was also a very well received album. I would say that both albums are of the very best that came out in 2010. So when you put both of these artists together, the outcome must be good. And it is. Melody Day is a calm and relaxing song. Still, it has a groove in it that pulsates throughout. The song starts with a guitar melody that is repeated throughout the song. Later on, the pounding of a bass comes in, although it is not a dominant factor in the song. The vocals are though. What make these vocals distinct, is that you do not hear one singer, but a multiple of voices. You can hear both male and female vocals which produce a layered structure in the vocals.

A great work from two great artists. Give it a listen!


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